GraduationThis semester, the Waspit HQ is giving the Brand Ambassadors in our Ambassador program the opportunity to write short pieces for the company blog. For their first topic, we wanted to hear the top lessons they’ve learned while at college. The catch is we wanted these to be lessons learned outside the classroom. Going to college offers a wide range of social experiences and interactions that ready individuals for life after graduation. From having to resolve broken relationships to learning how to juggle precious time, college is the first time young adults have to fend for themselves.

So here in our HQ blog today, I will be counting down our Ambassador’s top 15 lessons! Making honorable mention was the tip by our Hunter College Ambassador, Nick Koehler, regarding on-campus restrooms, I couldn’t agree more. “Locate every single bathroom on campus. Your advanced knowledge of toilets will come to save your life one day.” Here are 15 real tips by our college experts!

15. Cancelled classes are like celebrating your birthday. There are two ways to experience a cancelled class. The first is your teacher emails you the day before and announces that it is cancelled. This is good because it gives you time to digest what has happened. The second is that you arrive at class and see a sign on the door. This may be my favorite because you go from being upset that you are about to walk into class to extremely excited in half a second. Cameron Seymour - University of New Hampshire

school spirit14. Show school spirit. ANY sporting event that is taking place on campus, get your ass there and cheer loud! Show your school some love. Support your athletes, even if the school is awful in the athletic department. In return you have greater respect for you university. Emma Cole - Marshall University

13. Be open-minded.  When I first began my college days I was not very open minded. I had no idea what I wanted to do with my life, I just did what my family thought was best for me.  However, this was not the best choice that I could have made. I did not enjoy what I was doing and then I decided since I did not like it where I was, it was time to move on.  So I moved away and was on my own at a new college with a new major.  Failure as well.  I finally was open-minded, listened to my heart, and went to Disney World for an internship.  Best decision ever.  I became more outgoing, I networked (which is incredibly important) and I ended up changing my major once again.  So be open-minded about change. Aleisha Guerrettaz - Southern Illinois University

12. Stay in touch with old friends. From personal experience, it is extremely easy to get caught up in your busy college lives with demanding schedules and various social surroundings. While you may be making an abundance of new college friends, you have to maintain and put effort into the relationships from home. Although everyone is busy with their new college lifestyles, you cannot get carried away and forget about the people that helped shaped you into the person you are today. Heather Varcasia - Marist College

Club fairs have stuff for everyone, get involved!

11. There is something on campus for everyone! Take advantage of the tons of clubs & activities to choose from! At my school, there are 500 student organizations. From the scuba diving club to the modern anime club, there is something for everyone in between. These clubs give you another great reason to get out & meet people. Belonging to a student organization also gives you the chance to take pride and belong to something. Allie Kalfus - UConn

10. Strut your stuff. College has taught me to be confident in my own shoes, and ‘shake what my momma gave me’. Not literally, because that might be a sight for sore eyes, but at times when I do let loose, I do it with confidence, and have fun doing it. It is so important to learn who you are and appreciate all of it. Walk into a room and act like you own the building and all eyes will be on you. Natalie Merced - Purdue University

9. Don’t sweat the small stuff. So you got your first C. So you got turned down at the bar. So you fell down the stairs and people gawked. The little things are forgotten and are so not worth the stress. If every little problem you encounter in the four short years is analyzed and overwrought then you’ll give yourself an ulcer. Samanta Powers - University of Minnesota

8. Make yourself at home. Whether it’s your roommate, suitemates, in your dorm, or on your campus, this school is now your home.  You pay to live or spend time here. So, don’t hesitate to really feel comfortable wherever you are. Gabrielle Mabalo - Rutgers University

7. Go home often. Many students go to college and completely forget about their life at home. Going home a couple weekends per semester really made me appreciate my family and friends from home when I didn’t always appreciate what I had at home when I was in high school. Although we are currently living a different life at college, we can’t forget our whole life we had before and will most likely go back to after college. Janelle Kinney - University of Rhode Island

6. Network. Use your time as a student to network and meet people that can help you after graduation. Email recruiters and companies to ask questions about jobs and the industry can gain you some great information and create a relationship with the people you will be interviewing with. Kristopher Marshall - Richard Stockton College of New Jersey

University of Michigan, Photo: The Situationist 5. Don’t be scammed. Insurance and credit card sharks look to sucker freshman out of their parents money during their first semesters. The bulk of their client base is naive teens and you don’t want to be the one! Nick Koehler - Hunter College

4. The importance of having a job. While working in high school was for the purpose of having money to buy clothes and spend on other frivolous activities, a job in college is important. It is how you pay your rent and it is how you feed yourself. College taught me that a job is for making a living. Bianca Serge - University of Arizona

3. Pig out on your meal plan. It may not be ideal as a freshman, but once you have to live off campus and cooking is up to you, the dining hall will be something you wish you still had. The idea that you can eat anything you want is outrageous. Cereal, french-fries, and stir fry all go good together, right? Ellen Footer - Plymouth State University

2. Find a good group of friends. These are your people. These are the friends that you will have for the rest of your life. These are the people who grew with you, who took a journey with you, who learned how to be away from home with you, who comforted you with different obstacles and life situations. These are the people you will tell your children all the crazy stuff you did with. Ellen Footer

YOLO, you only live in once 1. YOLO – LIVE IT UP! Take advantage of everything and appreciate the opportunity because before you know it you’ll be like me, a senior in their last semester, wondering where time went. Take a ton of pictures! (careful of posting on facebook, some people get upset if they see an unflattering pic of themself on the internet). You only live once and you only go to college once! Brittany Schibi Champlain College

How important is the college experience for forming and building important adult qualities (responsibility, discipline, social skills, etc.)?

What lessons have you or did you learn during your college days?


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