NFC, Mastercard, Visa, finance, debit, credit, card, banking, safe, student banking, fun, social bankingWaspit is an interactive social banking platform designed to better how college students manage money on a daily basis. A few of our most popular features include automatic Facebook and Foursquare check-ins whenever you swipe your Waspit debit card, instant peer to peer money transfers and a unique review and rating system. All of our features aim to better connect you to friends and create a social and information rich environment to help you make better purchasing decisions on the go.

That’s where you come in.

Waspit is offering a unique internship experience for college students to represent Waspit on their college campus. It is a remote internship, meaning that regardless of where you attend school, you have the ability to work with us.

We are looking for campus leaders who want to develop their professional skills while representing “the next big thing”, Waspit. The remote marketing internship will be taking place in the fall; however introductory training and planning will begin immediately this spring and early summer.

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This flexible spring training period will consist of:

  • learning your general responsibilities and objectives
  • recruiting a team
  • creating a marketing plan for the fall semester
  • getting acclimated to school-unique, Waspit branded social media pages
  • attaining Waspit swag to hand out at your school
  • Exclusive access to the Waspit Platform and new features before anyone else

Once you arrive back on campus in the fall, you will be fully prepared to implement your marketing Waspit on your college campus with the help our the Waspit HQ. Your main objective is to raise awareness of Waspit among your fellow students. You will execute events, initiatives and promotions you planned out in the spring. At the conclusion of this internship you will have planned, implemented, and analyzed the results of a marketing campaign on your campus.

In addition to the real world marketing and resume experience you will obtain from the internship, you will receive a monthly stipend for the semester as well as performance based bonuses for every you refer to Waspit. We prefer you take this internship for school credit, but it is not necessary.

You can download the full job description, follow this link: Sr. Brand Ambassador Job Description.

To apply to become a Waspit Brand Ambassador and join the Swarm Team, email your resume to


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The type of Waspit Swag you will distribute on campus in the fall!

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